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Konkraft Enterprises renders free consultation service for the owners of the sites which is under construction. As in engineering / construction firms there are few firms which render support which lacks sincerity and faith. The resultant is the quality of the building is compromised as after date.

Customers are not technically aware of the civil construction and materials and they fail to understand the righteous quality of the building structure should compose.

In order to the understanding made with experience in many civil contract problems and after the discussion with experts worldwide. We came with the customer supportive structure which supports clients to understand:

  • Whether the materials are used as per the spec?
  • Whether the concrete mixtures are same as specified?
  • Whether the materials procured are in quality status?
  • Whether the quote is processed through the same derivatives?
  • Whether the duration of the project maintains quality standards and time deliverance?
  • Whether the materials are properly procured and utilized as per the standards?

As of now consultation is done at free cost.

Our service is also rendered to the following detailed process schemes as provided in services section which is cost based if implemented and maintained. Konkraft Enterprises guides to integrate all the components in a professional approach to deliver the project within the Scope, Schedule, Cost & Quality.


Scope Management

On acceptance of a project, Konkraft Enterprises in conjugation with the client understand the requirements and prepares a detailed project scope definition document with unambiguous description of scope inclusions and exclusions. This detailed project scope document will acts as the basis for future project decisions, scope verifications and control. We professionally manages and guides the client in defining the project scope and controlling the variations. We verify the scope and provides a detailed report to guide the client for formal acceptance of the completed project.

Key Deliverables:

  • Project Scope Document
  • Scope Verification Document
  • Scope Change Log

chedule Management

Project Time Management plays the crucial role in the overall game, delivering project within time without compromising the scope, cost and quality is a tough challenge. With our experience we guides in timely delivery of project by helping client in preparing the project schedule with accurate detailing of activities, its duration & resource estimation and sequencing. We guide the client in developing, managing and controlling the project schedule.

Key Deliverables:

  • Project Schedule
  • Status Reports,

Cost Management

Project cost estimate requires expertise and understanding of market variations, predictions of internal and external risks to prepare accurate estimations meeting the client budgets without affecting the scope, quality and time. We with our experience and knowledge guide clients in preparing the project cost estimates at various stages of project life cycle with continuous refining as the project evolves. We provide the expert advice to client in preparing the overall budget, monitoring and controlling the cost variations.

Key Deliverables:

  • Project Cost Estimates
  • Project Cost Status Reports
  • Cash Flow Reports

Quality Management

Project Quality Management involves understanding the customer requirements and identification of relevant standards and guidelines applicable to specific projects for meeting the project objectives. Konkraft Enterprises in conjugation with the client prepares a detailed quality management Plan which includes objectives, standards and guidelines to be met and the acceptance criteria. We support the client in maintaining the quality assurance and control by performing a systematic, structured quality audit and submitting the reports.

Key Deliverables

  • Project Quality Management plan
  • Quality Audit Reports
  • Quality Assurance & Control Reports

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management involves identification of the requirement and management of resources at various stages of the lifecycle of the project. We guide in preparing and estimating resource requirements and managing them. We helps client in preparing the RACI Matrix specific to project activities.


Identification and managing contractors, vendors will play key role in successful implementation of the projects. We support the client in contract management through identification, evaluation and management of vendor, contractor & suppliers.

Key Deliverables:

  • RACI Matrix
  • Contractor, Vendor Assessment Documents

Risk Management

In projects, early Identification of risks involved rather than taking corrective actions saves time, cost & quality. This can be possible only with good risk management system. Propel with it experience provide guidance in identification, analysis, response, monitoring & control of risks through its custom designed risk analysis templates. We provide support in both qualitative and quantitative risk analysis.

Key Deliverables:

  • Project Risk Management Plan
  • Risk Identification, Analysis & Control
  • Risk log

Communication Management

Project communication management plays a key role in successful implementation of the project without which there shall be adverse/negative impacts on the project. We support the client in effective communication management with standard templates. We keep the communication system active by providing regular status reports, issue logs, scope change logs. We also provides assistance in project data management system.

Key Deliverables:

  • Project Communication Management Plan

Procurement Management

Procurement plays a crucial role in successful delivery of the project within schedule and as per required quality. We provide guidance in maintaining, monitoring and closing the material procurement systems for the project.

Key Deliverables:

  • Material Procurement

Integration Management

Project Integration Management involves the integrated management of all the knowledge areas of project management along with the domain expertise of engineering, technical, R&D, operations & maintenance, procurement and construction to deliver the project within the scope, cost, quality and time. We provide support by acting as a bridge between the contractor and clients. We provide the project dossier with all the documentation involved from the inception to close out of the project.

Key Deliverables:

  • Complete Project Report


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