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KonKraft Enterprises are the authorized distributor for OM Gas Safety Device(GSD) in Tamilnadu and Kerala. KonKraft Enterprises offers you the best quality Gas Safety devices at affordable price range that suits your basic safety requirement and plays vital role in securing your home appliances and products.

OM Gas Safety Device ensures the safety of your family

OM Gas Safety Device - Vertical Gas Safety Device - Horizontal

Main Features of GAS SAFETY DEVICE:

Gas Safety Device

OM Gas Safety Device - Horizontal
  • Major leakage auto shut off facility
  • Minor leakage testing facility
  • Saves 20-25% of gas
  • Low gas indicator
  • 3 years replacement warranty

OM Gas Safety Device Video Demo:

OM Gas Safety Device


  • Gas Safety Device is the handy, low cost, all in one device for gas safety.
  • Gas Safety device can be quickly fitted to most gas cylinders like Bharat, Indane and HP.
  • Gas Safety device ensures safety from accidents occurring due to leakage of domestic LPG Gas.
  • GSD is duly approved by government of India after testing for all results.
  • Gas Safety device provides you a warranty of 3 years from the date of purchase.
  • Gas Safety device has a working life of 25 years.
  • Gas Safety device provides you an product liability insurance of Rs. 50,00,000 (Rupees Fifty Lacs).
  • Gas Safety device controls the flow of your LPG Gas.
  • Gas Safety device saves up to 20 percent of your LPG Gas.
  • Gas Safety device indicates the pressure of gas in your cylinder.
  • Gas Safety device allows us to check for Minor leakages and control them
  • Gas Safety Device informs you well in advance to book your LPG cylinder.
  • Gas Safety Device not only makes you worry free about the safety of your life and property but also gives you a sense of confidence.
  • Gas Safety Device automatically Shuts off the Gas in the event of a major leak caused due to:
  • The rupturing of a tube or pulling off the stove or regulator.
  • The regulator failed to function properly.
  • The tube catching fire.

People care for their family and protect them from unforeseen situations and circumstances. They believe in the statement “Prevention is better than cure”.

On this principal ensuring and Insuring the wellbeing of your family members and loved ones is must. Gas Safety Device product has highest quality with stringent product norms of International Standards. The product is the best in safety provisions amongst any Security products related to LPG safety in India and Internationally.

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District Distributors wanted

Konkraft Enterprises is an AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR FOR GAS SAFETY DEVICE in Tamilnadu & Kerala.

GAS SAFETY DEVICE is an innovative mechanical device launched for domestic LPG gas cylinder. Interested person who wish to become dealers can download the dealership application form and send it to our address either through mail / courier:

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Main Features of GAS SAFETY DEVICE:

OM Gas Safety Device

  • Major leakage auto shut off facility
  • Minor leakage testing facility
  • Saves 20-25% of gas
  • Low gas indicator
  • 3 years replacement warranty

We need dealers,distributors & stockist all over Tamilnadu & Kerala.

Dealers, Distributors & Stockist Wanted for OM Gas Safety Device

We need Dealers, Distributors & Stockists for OM Gas Safety Device with having previous experience of dealing in Consumer and / or Direct Marketing Distribution will be preferred all over Tamilnadu & Kerala.

Authorized Distributor

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We need Distributors for OM Gas Safety Device in Tamilnadu & Pondichery

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We need Distributors for OM Gas Safety Device in Kerala

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Removing Gas Regulator

First remove regulator from LPG Cylinder.


Fixing Gas Safety Device

Fix the GAS SAFETY DEVICE on the LPG Cylinder.


Fixing Regulator on Gas Safety Device

Take the regulator and fix it on GAS SAFETY DEVICE


Gas Safety Device Installation Complete

Depress the GAS SAFETY DEVICE gauge dial a few seconds till the needle raises


Gas Safety Device Indication Gauge

  • Gas Zone - If the needle of the GAS SAFETY DEVICE dial is in this area adequate gas supply is indicated.
  • Low Zone - If the needle of GAS SAFETY DEVICE dial is in this area, low LPG level is indicated, further to which refilling of cylinder would be required soon.


  • Keep the GAS SAFETY DEVICE knob in on condition and ensure that the burners of the gas stove are in off condition. The gauge dial needle will show pressure indication
  • Turn off the GAS SAFETY DEVICE knob and wait for few minutes, if the needle of gauge dial drops down slowly to zero level, this indicates that there is leakage in the line between the pressure regulator and the gas stove.
  • If the needle remains at the same position there is no leakage in the system.
  • The above pressure can be repeated for more confirmation.

Certifications - OM Gas Safety Device

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Om Gas Safety Device?

Om Gas Safety Device is an Automatic Emergency Shut off Device for Domestic L.P.G. System. It will prevent Gas Leakages & avoid accidents. Om Gas Safety Device is suitable for Bharat, Indane and HP Gas.

2. Om Gas Safety Device Functions?

  • Major Leak Auto Shut off Facility
  • Minor Leak Test Check Facility
  • Saves Gas from 20- 45%
  • Gas Level Indicator.

3. Why accidents happen?

  • If the Gas supply pipe is not changed for a long time
  • Nibbling of pipe by rats
  • Cleaning of cooking with water stove which leads to water seepage in iron pipe which causes rusting and further decaying of the same causing leakages
  • Failing to turn off Regulator ON/OFF knob
  • Gas Burner flame failure caused due to overflow of liquid such as water, milk..
  • Disengagement of Gas Supply pipe from Gas stove and Regulator

4. How Om Gas Safety Device works?

Based on Bernoulli’s principle, When there is a pressure difference across the device the valve inside operates & closes the flow. It supplies gas sufficient for only 4 burner stove to burn, any excess flow- it stops.

5. Working Mechanism of Om Gas Safety Device?

The Flow of Gas is made through Om Gas Safety Device directly from Cylinder and after passing through the emergency shut off valve in Om Gas Safety Device the gas then flows to the gas regulator which is mounted on top of Om Gas Safety Device. The automatic shutoff mechanism works on the Bernoulli’s principle. A sudden increase in rate of gas flow (for example: leakage / from the gas pipe rupturing) provides a pressure difference on the shut off element which then lifts up and shuts off the gas flow completely. The shutoff element will stay in this position until you reset (press the push button on the gauge)

6. How Om Gas Safety Device saves gas?

As the flow is streamlined & restricted, it avoids wastage.

7. Comparison of Om Gas Safety Device with normal gas regulator?

No. It is not a regulator, A regulator regulates the pressure of LPG from 3-4 bar to 300 mm water column. Our device operates on 3-4 bar only being a safety device & not regulator.

8. Why do we need Om Gas Safety Device?

  • LPG is highly explosive fuel
  • Proper training to use domestic LPG system is not provided
  • Whether we switch off regulators after every use????
  • Accidental mistakes will lead to explosion.
  • LPG accidents and cylinder blasts are increasing day by day.
  • Disengagement of Gas Supply pipe from Gas stove and Regulator

9. Pressure specification?

Its working pressure is 3-4 bar. It has withstood pressure up to 18 bar. Tested by ARAI.

10. Why Om Gas Safety Device is not having ISI?

OM Gas Safety Device manufacturer Sohum Autogas Systems PVT Ltd had approached BIS for ISI mark. As of now there is no specific ISI standard for such product hence ISI is not granted. Letter is provided by BIS.

11. OM Gas Safety Device Product Liability Insurance?

The New India Assurance Co. Ltd. The New India Assurance Co Ltd, today, is a 100 % Govt Owned Multinational General Insurance company operating in 22 countries and headquartered at Mumbai, India.

12. How OM Gas Safety Device indicates Gas Level?

Gas Pressure Level Indicator. It displays the level of LPG in your cylinder and hence helps in facilitating to book the cylinder in advance.

13. Is it easy to install Om Gas Safety Device?

Yes it is easy to install. Just as simple as a normal gas regulator.

Technology - OM Gas Safety Device

In the conventional gas system for domestic application we have a LPG cylinder with a valve on which fits a LPG regulator. The outlet of the regulator is connected to the gas stove through a hose pipe. The function of the regulator is to reduce the pressure of gas inside the cylinder from about 4 bars to 300 mm water column.

This conventional system does not have any safety device to prevent any hazard which may take place due to leakage of gas or due to outbreak of fire.

  • Gas Safety Device (GSD) is equipped with following features which makes it a must use component in the domestic LPG system.
    Gas Safety Device is installed between the cylinder valve & the LPG regulator.

  • Gas Safety Deviceis inbuilt with excess flow check valve system which will completely shut off the supply of gas from the regulator in the event of a medium to heavy leak. The leakage may be anything from breakage of hose pipe to rupture of hose due to outbreak of fire.
  • Gas Safety Device has a LPG pressure indicator which shows the amount of pressure in the LPG cylinder. When the cylinder has adequate amount of LPG, the indicator will be normally at the centre or anywhere in GAS region, depending on the outside temperature. When the LPG indicator comes to the bottom of LOW level of the indicator, this indicates that the cylinder needs a replacement soon.
  • Gas Safety Device can also verify very minor leaks which may not lead to the shut off mechanism. During a normal operation one needs to just close the knob of GSD to OFF mode keeping the burner knobs also in off condition. If the needle gradually falls down from its original position & comes to final down position, this shows a minor leak in the system which needs to be verified by an authorized mechanic. If there is no fall down in the position of needle then it shows there is no leakage in the system.

For more details please refer the instruction manual supplied with the product. The product is tested by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) for its quality & is manufactured as per ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

The company provides a 3 year warranty against any manufacturing defect & a product liability insurance coverage for max 50 Lacs per customer.

Contact us for OM Gas Safety Device in Tamilnadu and Kerala - Toll: 1800 3000 5180

M/S. Konkraft Enterprises™

Admin - +91 72002 28883
Regd. Address:
No.133, MIG NH1,       
Vallal Nalliyakodan Street,
Maraimalai Nagar,
Kancheepuram Dst,
Chennai – 603209.

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