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Welcome to Konkraft Modular head quartered in Chennai, Tamilnadu
Firstly kitchen now a days are becoming modular in design, trendy in look and custom based design with ideas made for user requirement. In Chennai the taste of modular kitchen is capitalizing as like in western countries without compromising Indian traditional way with the mix of contemporary designs with south Indian ideas.

In Konkraft Enterprises we have established a brand named "KONKRAFT" MODULAR KITCHEN to craft your kitchen with parsh designs and your ideas / needs on usage in mind.

We do renovate (remodel) your existing old traditional way to new contemporary modular kitchen with aesthetic looks with our expertise.

Over the past twenty four years (1984) of expertise in modular kitchen field, our members are proud to introduce ourselves as experienced interior decorator and kitchen contractor/renovator.

With our past experience, we are able to overcome the customer requirement with all the designs required for them with finest finish. Integrating the latest technology in designs matching the western standards in Indian style & kitchen ideas.

Our growth and exploration of new kitchen ideas and designs in a modular way has bought us N number of clients in different places of Tamilnadu.

We help our customers with our ideas from our past experience.

Why Konkraft Modular kitchen?

  • Best competitive price ensuring quality standards
  • 1000's of modular kitchen designs catalogue
  • Excellent modular kitchen designs and ideas
  • Free site visits
  • Free 3d / 2d drawings
  • Modular Kitchen Design Ideas along with colour combination
  • Quotation with drawings, material used, size, square feet, unit rate and total price for easier understanding
  • Providing Catalogues and CD for a week for selection
  • Ready to support on call for NRI and at site - 24*7 according to clients requirement
  • * No advance payment - our Mantra
  • Stage-wise payment if client is satisfied - our Mantra
  • Guarantee Card for free service up to ten years
  • Life Time Warranty for accessories used
  • Final bill of 10% after satisfying our clients

Projects & Albums

Modular Kitchen Types - Based on Shapes

  • U shaped Modular kitchen Chennai: U shaped Modular kitchen, the most efficient and commonly used way of utilizing the space of rectangle / square shaped room carpet area. If you are interested in increasing the number of modular cabinets, this is the only way to increase cabinets in small flats in chennai. It provides you sufficient place to cook in a most leisurely way.
  • Straight kitchen or parallel modular kitchen chennai: Straight kitchens are apt for small flats in chennai where the kitchen area is very small ie., the length and breadth of the kitchen is very small to work. This kind of modular kitchen facilitates you in a parallel way to use the available space to handle equipment.
  • L Shaped Modular kitchen Chennai: as the name suggests, these types of modular kitchens are L shaped. These are two I shaped kitchen fitted together at corners to provide enough space to dump your kitchen utensil and vessels. Many of our clients living in small flats do prefer L shaped kitchen as it can provide you enough space to work They also combine the required utility with maximum space. It can be used in both cases where the working space is small or large. Main feature of L shape kitchen is that the dining area can be accommodated within the kitchen area itself.
  • Island Modular kitchen:It is hybrid integration of parallel and the L shaped kitchen together in carpet area of kitchen. These are modular kitchen suitable for villa type residence where the carpet area of kitchen exceeds 10 * 10 sft. You can fully enjoy its space if you like to spend your time in the kitchen and also to dump huge kitchen utensils and kitchen cabinets.

Modular Kitchen Types - Based on Technology

  • Wooden Modular kitchen: Wooden Modular kitchen chennai are either made by hand or by factory outlet. To make such modular kitchens carpenters will visit your site location and take measurements. They will discuss with you regarding the material that has to be installed. Generally ply is preferred for wooden type which is cost efficient and provides good working life.
  • Teak wood modular kitchen: Teak wood modular kitchen chennai are expensive models where the material used is first quality burma teak or second quality teak wood. These models requires varnishes which can be either MAT finish or hand polish. These models are highly traditional and long standing.
  • MDF Modular kitchen Chennai: MDF Modular Kitchen Chennai as the name suggests, these types of modular kitchens are Medium Density Fiber. Such models are made with your site measurements. These kind of models are made in factory and assembled at your site.
  • Particle Board kitchen:Particle Board Kitchen Chennai as the name suggests, these types of modular kitchens are Particle Board. Such models are made with your site measurements. These kind of models are made in factory and assembled at your site.
  • Steel Modular Kitchen: Steel Modular Kitchen Chennai as the name suggests, these types of modular kitchens are Steel made. Such models are made with your site measurements. These kind of models are made in factory and assembled at your site..
  • uPVC Modular Kitchen: uPVC Modular Kitchen Chennai as the name suggests, these types of modular kitchens are uPVC (ultra Poly Vinyl Chloride). Such models are made with your site measurements. These kind of models are made in factory and assembled at your site.
  • Ready Made Modular Kitchen: Ready Made Modular Kitchen Chennai as the name suggests, these types of modular kitchens are ready made kitchens made. Such models are made with your site measurements. These kind of models are made in factory and assembled at your site.

Modular Kitchen Models

  • Modular Kitchen - Western models: Western Modular Kitchen in chennai has become an modern emerging requirement among most of the clients belonging to upper middle classs. Westernization in kitchens has become a demand because of its class finish made from factory outlet. Clients do either prefer western or wooden model in western style.
  • Modular Kitchen - Indian models: Indian Modular kitchen in chennai has been the most used kind of models in flats and apartment. These models are basically with wooden traditional look in contemporary style, designs and ideas. These are either made with woods or ply by carpenters.
  • Custom Modular Kitchen: Custom Modular Kitchen in Chennai are preferred by high class people who prefer parsh life style. Such models have complete infra structure pertaining to the requirement in kitchen with almost every basic and custom requirements fulfilled with class finish.
  • Semi - Modular Kitchen models: Semi - Modular Kitchen in Chennai are models which are partially modular and partially traditional. These models are cost effective. Now a days clients prefer Custom / Western / Indian type of modular kitchen models.
  • Standard Modular Kitchen Accessories: Standard Modular Kitchen Accessories in Chennai are accessories which are produced and manufactured at factory and fixed at site.These standard models comes in two different size. Manufacturers generally produces them without knowing the clients requirement on size. For example if you consider stainless steel model there are two different grade widely used SS 304 and SS 204.
  • Custom Modular Kitchen Accessories: Custom Modular Kitchen Accessories in Chennai are made with clients requirement in mind. For example the trays are ordered depending upon clients requirement for fixing the trays on site location
  • Kitchen Appliances: Kitchen Appliances in Chennai are recently becoming the taste of most clients. There are built in refrigerator, hobs, chimney, ovens which can be accommodated inside the cabinet itself. Many clients who request us for a quote have less idea about modular kitchen appliances. We convey them about the usage and requirements of appliances at home.

Recent Projects

Modular Kitchen - 3d / 2d Design

Modular Kitchen Cost in Chennai

  • Carpet Area Measurement
  • Square Feet Measurement

Carpet Area Measurement - Modular Kitchen Cost in Chennai

Carpet Area Measurement in modular kitchen Chennai are nothing but floor area measurement. Consider your flat in chennai with kitchen length 10 feet and 8 feet width. Then your floor area is 80 square feet.

Kindly do call us for a very site visit and quote.

Square Feet Measurement - Modular Kitchen Price in Chennai

Square Feet Measurement in modular kitchen Chennai are nothing but working area measurement and not the total size. Consider your flat in chennai with kitchen length 10 feet and 8 feet width. Let your below slab is in L shape and height of the slab from the floor is 2.5 feet then the area should be (10 + 8)*2.5 ie., 45 square feet for an L shape.

Kindly do call us for a very site visit and quote.


  • U shaped modular kitchen in chennai
  • Straight modular kitchen chennai(I Shaped)
  • Parallel modular kitchen in chennai (II Shaped)
  • L modular kitchen chennai
  • Curved modular kitchen in chennai
  • Island modular kitchen chennai
  • Contemporary modular kitchen in chennai
  • Traditional modular kitchen chennai
  • Traditional modular kitchen in chennai
  • PVC modular kitchen chennai
  • Steel modular kitchen in chennai
  • Aluminium modular kitchen chennai
  • MDF modular kitchen in chennai
  • Particle Board modular kitchen chennai
  • Wooden modular kitchen in chennai


What is the process of buying Konkraft Modular Kitchen in Chennai?

The process of using our service onn modular kitchen includes free site visit, measurements taken by technical person, designing by interior designers, discussion with marketing lead, finalization with management, finally approving the order and then we will install the kitchen cabinets at your home. From ideas to realization, Konkraft makes your modular kitchen beautiful in designs and outlook.

  • Step 1 - We understand your requirement and your thirst for new and modular kitchen
  • Step 2 - We visit your site and pre-plan the space allocation of the cabinets to be installed
  • Step 3 - We plan your necessity of requirement for storage of utensils to match the existing demand
  • Step 4 - We do provide aesthetic designs in display
  • Step 5 - Plan your budget
  • Step 6 - Provide 3d and 2d drawings
  • Step 7 - Finally we provide the documents with the best quote
  • Step 8 - Up on sanction we do take one week - four weeks for installation
  • Step 9 - We are very flexible to payment options
  • Step 10 - We do provide service after sales
  • Step 11 - 5 year free kitchen service guarantee against defects
  • Step 11 - Life time warranty for accessories used

Modular Kitchen Renovation

Renovation ie., Remodelling of your kitchen has become basic requirement for every one to match our standard of living with the existing life style. People generally renovate either for life style or when the kitchen has been roughly used or when the life of the existing kitchen is almost nearing end

What is the process of renovation of modular kitchen?

Renovation - we term it re innovation. Yes we do renovate your kitchen with quality designs and looks. Once when we renovate your existing kitchen, you will have doubts whether it is new kitchen.

How we re innovate?

  • Step 1 - We understand your present requirements
  • Step 2 - We visit your current kitchen
  • Step 3 - We plan for what can be done to make it new
  • Step 4 - We provide you ideas on the best designs
  • Step 5 - We calculate the cost matching the standards required
  • Step 6 - Then our technical team will re innovate
  • Step 7 - We provide ten years warranty for the materials we install

how to?

How to guide - From the planning to final execution - modular kitchen ideas

  • Step 1- Call our customer care no - 1800 3000 5180
  • Step 2 - Create some generic ideas on kitchen
  • Step 3 - Invite us for site measurement
  • Step 4 - Kindly go through the content we provide
  • Step 5 - Plan your space with ideas provided by our team
  • Step 6 - Plan the material to be used
  • Step 7 - Discuss the required trays to be installed
  • Step 8 - Discuss about the kitchen cabinets to be installed
  • Step 9 - We will design the 3d drawings for you
  • Step 10 - Re finalize with different colour combination of designs
  • Step 11 - Approve the final drawing
  • Step 12- Sign the document for material used
  • Step 13 - Relax
  • --------------------------------------------------
  • Step 14 - We will give you the aesthetic output you dreamed for

Modular Kitchen Tips - Do's and Don'ts


  • Easy to maintain- * Based on the material installed at the site location to ensure the working life
  • Few tips are:
  • Clean the shutters of the cabinet and trays used with dry cloth monthly.
  • If any liquid or food items are spilled over the cabinets kindly try to clean it as soon as possible for a better look
  • Shutters and Cabinets Channel should be used frequently. If not do use it frequently to avoid any noise that comes because of non usage.
  • Do clean your sink whenever you find time. Generally any sink needs attention.
  • Always keep the right utensils at right place. Trying to dump any big utensils at smaller space may damage the structure if used harshly
  • Once you have washed your vessels kindly dry the vessels and keep it in prior location in the cabinets.
  • Dumping over sized utensils may damage the shelves.
  • Plan your regular consumable goods and rare consumable goods. Keep it in an array of kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen cabinets generally dumps consumable items and non consumable items. Try to plan which you prefer to locate where or get some kitchen ideas from our tech support
  • Even if we have little space available for kitchen cabinets we could plan the shape and size accordingly to keep it neat and clean with ease of use.
  • Plan your kitchen designs according to the wall paint and tiles installed
  • Get our support on Kitchen cabinets, Modular Kitchen Designs, Modular Kitchen Ideas for your best modular kitchen in chennai
  • Always get drawings before we start the work
  • Compare our drawings with the output we provide


  • DO not fail to clean the kitchen
  • Do not be careless if any stain appears on the cabinets. Kindly have some time to clean it.
  • Do not fail to use shutters
  • Do not fail to clean the sink once you washed the utensils
  • Do not over load the shelves
  • Do not re locate items

Call our toll free no. 1800 3000 180 for any kind of support as we are doing sales after service.

Once when you follow the instructions we provide your best modular kitchen in chennai with Good aesthetic looks, Designs with optimized storage space would be our output :).

Modular Kitchen FAQ

Top 69 Frequently Asked Questions about our service in modular kitchen

Q 1:What is Konkraft's Modular Kitchen?

Modular Kitchen are neat, clean, trendy, stylish, recent innovation on technology purely meant for our home kitchen based on space planning, design, outlook and contemporary fine finish with accessories, appliances either built in or kept on top/bottom/sides.

Q 2: Modular Kitchen Components?

A 2: Below Slab Cabinets like trays, cabinets, shutters, counter top, SS Trays, sliding channels, accessories, appliances like built in micro wave, built in hob, built in oven, chimney, built in fridge, Above Slab Cabinets like box type cupboard with display unit for easy use

Q 3: Whether we would provide drawings?

A 3: Yes we do provide 2D and 3D drawings along with the measurement and size for better understanding on what we are going to implement.

Q 4: Cabinets category?

A 4: Floor Cabinets, Wall Cabinets, Counter Top.

Q 5: How much should I investment?

A 5: Depending upon the size and shape of our kitchen. We generally obtain 30% after we shipped the cabinets to your residence.

Q 6: What are the basic trays provided as free from our end?

A 6: Plain Basket - 3 nos., Thaali Basket - 1 no., Cutlery Tray - 1 no.

Q 7: Whether we get designs?

A 7:We provide 10000 Designs in CD format to our client in order to make them convenient on selecting the best designs for their kitchen.

Q 8: When my selection goes wrong?

A 8: Don't worry. If you make mistake on pre-judging the design we support you with recommendation on colours and designs from our database

Q 9: Whether we visit the site?

A 9: Our Tech support Head / Tech Support Team Lead shall visit the site for measurement and our accounts head shall prepare the quotation in three standards ie., platinum, gold and silver.

Q 10: What is Konkraft Platinum Modular Kitchen?

A 10: In our Platinum Modular kitchen we provide high quality green materials with BWR Marine Ply / factory finish ply shutters for your kitchen

Q 11: What is Konkraft Gold Modular Kitchen?

A 11: In our Gold Modular kitchen we provide standard quality MDF factory finish shutters for your kitchen

Q 12: What is Konkraft Silver Modular Kitchen?

A 12: In our Silver Modular Kitchen we provide PVC modular kitchen for your kitchen

Q 13: Is your kitchen budget friendly?

A 13: We provide kitchen according to the client needs in three different category with options of three ways of budget planning.

Q 14: Do you have toll free?

A 14: Yes. We have dedicated customer care executive unit for client needs

Q 15: What are floor kitchen cabinets?

A 15: Floor cabinets are cabinets that are installed below slab or installed above the floor.

Q 16: What are wall units?

A 16: Wall units are nothing but units generally used to store cooking materials on either side of the wall.

Q 17: What is counter top?

A 17: Counter top is the layer to keep oven stove and other materials above granite.

Q 18: What is box type?

A 18: Box type is generally covered on all the sides and gives a box appearance. By default it looks like box - completely closed on all the side. Eg: Wall Cabinet

Q 19: What is frame type?

A 19: Frame type are nothing but the layer used to close any cabinet or wardrobe. Eg: Shutters, loft

Q 20: Why do you need glasses on top cabinets?

A 20: In order to take the materials easily while working or to keep beautiful utensils for display.

Q 21: Why do you need hanger on top cabinets?

A 21: Hangers are not only used in wardrobes for dress hanging. They are generally used in kitchen to hang clothes, spoons etc., for ease of use

Q 22: Why do you need chimney?

A 22: To control pollution that is caused while cooking. We generally recommend our clients to install chimneys at home

Q 23: Why do you need built in dust bin?

A 23: To store the waste why have dustbins at home. But if the dustbins are built in your kitchen gives a better look. Also pay attention to clean the dustbin periodically to avoid smell.

Q 24: What kind of filters should I use for easy maintenance?

A 24: Baffle filters have advanced the mesh filters. We generally recommend baffle filters as they are easy to clean.

Q 25: I want to keep the micro wave oven inside the cabinet?

A 25: Yes you can but provide ventilation as oven generate heat and it requires ventilation for a long run and energy consumption.

Q 26: I want to keep the fridge inside the cabinet?

A 26: Yes you can but keep your fridge ventilated and leave 4 inches on either side of the closed cabinet

Q 27: How to utilize the wash basin area in the bottom slab?

A 27: Keep build in dish hanging / built in dust bin for apt use.

Q 28: Where to go - Carpenter / Designers / Both?

A 28: Kitchen Designer - design your modular kitchen with latest technology and ideas of space utilization. Carpenters can be used as they work on site and you have your control to change the mode of ideas anytime. One has to select the place where designers and carpenters both will function together with ideas and work output efficiency. Do select both designers and carpenters.

Q 29: What kind of finishes are there?

A 29:Laminate, Veneer, PU, Glossy, MDF, PVC, Steel, uPVC, aluminium etc., Technology has been changing with client requirements in mind..

Q 30: How long it will take for us to complete the work?

A 30: It depends upon the square feet. It would be ranging from 15 days to 45 days depending upon the site square feet and art work.

Q 31: What kind of ply should I use for Kitchen Below Slab Unit?

A 31: We do recommend BWR Ply alone matching the cost and output it gives

Q 32: What kind of ply should I use for above slab unit?

A 32: We do recommend 100% hardwood Commercial Ply alone matching the cost and output it gives

Q 33:Modular Kitchen Cost?

A 33: It is very simple. Let us enter your kitchen and calculate carpet area. Give you the best quote in the market. We negotiate but certainly will never compromise quality that's why we stand for years with reputed clients.

Q 34:How do we measure the site?

A 34:There are two ways of measurement. Carpet Area measurement and Above - Below Slab Measurement. We take measurement of above slab and below slab.

Q 35:How should I maintain my Modular Kitchen?

A 35: Our Modular Kitchen requires very less maintenance and eco - friendly than ordinary old kitchen type. There is nothing much to worry about modular kitchen.

Q 36:What about service after sales?

A 36: Yes. We have toll free no. 1800 3000 5180. Kindly contact our customer care service for guidance and support. Our executives shall reach your destination within 24 hours after registering any requirement within chennai.

Q 36: What will be provided in drawings?

A 36: We provide complete information on 2d (measurement based) and 3d (based on visualization) with the material used.

Q 37: What is the next step after the approval of drawings?

A 37: Once the drawings are approved, we ask our clients to finalize the quote.

Q 38: When we will start the project?

A 38: Once quotations are approved. We will re visit the site for the status of site conditions. We recommend our clients to start after first coat paint and before second coat paint.

Q 39: What is the standard height of kitchen tiles?

A 39: We have tie ups with tiles shops. We recommend our clients to lay tiles of about 2 feet from counter top.

Q 40: Where do we work?

A 40: We work on site ., at site location and off site ie., at our office for pre-laminate , ply cutting etc.,

Q 41: What type of hinges we installed?

A 41: Auto Hinges.

Q 42: What are the hardware items?

A 42: Hinges, telescopic channels(runners), handles , fixing screws etc

Q 43: What are the latest trends in Modular kitchen and Wardrobes?

A 43: Nowadays straight lines designs, Handle-less doors, soft closing drawers, top open-able GLASS DOORS, built-in appliances are in vogue. The latest on kitchen is that it is integral to the living room. .

Q 44: What is the basic material "we normally use" for Modular Kitchen and Wardrobe?

A 44: Ply board, Particle board, MDF, HDF, WPC and Solid Wood as .

Q 45: What are shutter finish?

A 45: Shutters are used to close the doors of the cabinet. We provide mica laminate, Veneer, PU Glossy finish, Lacquered Glass & Solid wood.

Q 46: What accessories we provide?

A 46: Different types of accessories we provide for your modular kitchen like rotating trays, Single pull outs, double pull outs, bottle rakes, plate trays, D Trays.

Q 47: What is our front end support for modular kitchen in chennai?

A 47: For customers in India we provide huge support right from the day of progress till the end through phote update in Wazup.

Q 48: What is our back end support for modular kitchen in chennai?

A 48: We provide daily reports on the work progress of our modular kitchen through email updates and picasa web link sharing. We also share videos for NRI Clients

Q 49: What is your mode of payment?

A 49: We collect payments in four stages.

Q 50: Stage I Payment?

A 50: After procuring the materials either to site / to office we collect 30% as cash/cheque

Q 51: Stage II Payment?

A 51: After showing the photos of laminate and door cutting we collect 30% as cash/cheque

Q 52: Stage III Payment?

A 52: After shipping the material to site once when the work is almost completed we collect 30% as cash/cheque

Q 53: Stage IV Payment?

A 53: Once when our client is completely satisfied we collect remaining 10% settlement along with the satisfactory letter.

Q 54: Whether we accept credit card payment?

A 54: Yes we do accept credit card payment.

Q 55: How to clean the stain in my modular kitchen?

A 55: We use stainless material for cabinets. If client selects an option to use other materials provided by us. Rinse the cloth in soap water and gently wipe the outer skin layer. Don't use harsh equipments to clean the layer.

Q 56: Whether we supply appliances?

A 56: Yes we do supply appliances like chimney, built in ovens, hobs, chimney, refrigerator with better discount rate from Brands like KAFF, Faber, Elica, Glen available in the market.

Q 57: What kind of counter top suits my kitchen?

A 57: Granite, Marble are best used as counter top in modular kitchen chennai.

Q 58: What are marine grade plywood?

A 58: Marine Grade ply are used in ship. Now a days clients are using it for modular kitchen chennai below cabinets.

Q 59: What is 100% Commercial Hardwood Ply?

A 59: MR Grade plywood with anti termite feature and temperature resistant.

Q 60: What is BWR Ply?

A 60: Boiling Water Resistant Plywood used for bottom kitchen cabinets. These plywoods are water proof ply.

Q 61: What is MDF?

A 61: Medium Density fiberboard (MDF). Suitable for kitchen cabinets and kitchen doors ie. shutters providing custom made carved design.

Q 62: What is particle board?

A 62: Particle both is agro based product with laminated and plain design from manufacturer outlet.

Q 63: What is the price of modular kitchen in chennai locality?

A 63: We cannot provide any price tag as it is custom made. Kindly allow us to measure to provide the best and competitive quote.

Q 64: How long does it take to complete modular kitchen work for my home in chennai ?

A 64: It takes not more than 20 days for your modular kitchen to get completed in a contemporary way.

Q 65: Difference between modular kitchen and ordinary kitchen?

A 65: Modular kitchen is a combination of trays and units made with custom design for your kitchen. Rather than ordinary kitchen in modular kitchen we design just for your needs.

Q 66: How easy is cooking with modular kitchen?

A 66: Space planning is the key and accessories access is the major point for easy handling.

Q 67: What is contemporary Indian Modular?

A 67: Nothing but the design made with Indian standards in a western way.

Q 68: What is the height of kitchen counter top?

A 68: Generally in India the counter top is 2.5 feet from the floor level ie., carpet area.

Q 69: What is Konkraft's warranty and Guarantee?

A 69: Many people do ask us about the guarantee and warranty we provide. We have three different guarantee card provided from our company named Platinum, Gold and Silver. Each card has different warranty depending upon the material used for installation in kitchen. Life of guarantee card varies from 3 years to 10 years. Warranty is life time for accessories provided by us.

Q 70:List of places we provide modular kitchen in chennai?

A 70: Abiramapuram, Adambakkam, Adyar, Agaram, Alandur, Alandur North, Alwar Tirunagar, Ambattur Bazaar, Ambattur H O, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Ambattur West, Aminijikarai, Anakaputhur, Angappanaicken Street, Anna Road H O, Annamalaipuram, Annanagar, Annanagar East, Annanagar Western Extn, Annaroad Sourth, Arcot Road, Arumbakkam, Ashok Nagar, Ashtabujam Road, Avadi, Avadi Air Force Quarters, Avadi Camp H O, Irumbuliyur, Perungalathur, Vandalur, Urapakkam, Potheri, Guduvanchery, Modular Kitchen Chennai Srinivasapuram, Guduvanchery Nandivaram, Kelambakkam, OMR, ECR, Maraimalai Nagar, Modular Kitchen in Mahindra world City chennai chengalpat, Modular Kitchen Chennai Akshya Homes, TVH Housing, SARE Homes, Aqua Lilly, Gokulapuram,Thiruporur, Avadi Iaf, Ayanavaram, Ayanavaram Rly Colony, Besant Nagar, Besantnagat South, Bharathipuram, Broadway, Bullion MARKET, Butt Road, C-In-C Road, Cathedral, Cemetry Road, Central Institute Of Tech, Central Leather Research, Central Station, Central Vehicle Depot, Central Vehicle Research, Chamiers Road, Chepauk, Chetput H O, Chinnaiah Mudali Colony, Chintadripetai, Chitlapakkam, Choolai, Choolaimedu, Choolaimedu Mdo, Christian College, Chromepet, Crp Camp, D G Vaishnav College, Decoster Road, Defence Officers Colony, Dr Ambedkarnagar, Edapalayam, Egmore, Egmore High Road, Ekkaduthangal, Eldams Road, Engineering College Directorat, Ennur R S, Ennur Thermal Station, Ernavur, Flower Bazar, Flowers Road, Fore Shore Estate, Fort St George, Ganapathipuram, Gandhi Nagar, Ganesh Nagar, Gaugadeeswaran Koil, Gollawar Agraharam Road, Gopalapuram, Goudiyamath Road, Government Estate, Govt Stanely Hospital, Greams Road, Ground Training School, Modular Kitchen Chennai Guindy Ind Estate, Gunidy North, Habibullah Road, Harinarayanapuram, Harrington Road, High Court Buildings, Hindi Prachar Sabha, Hindustan Teleprinters, I C F Colony, Indian Inst Of Technology, Indra Nagar, Jaffarkhanpet, Jam Bazaar, Jawahar Nagar, Modular Kitchen in Chennai K K 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1. Maraimalai Nagar, Chennai - Service on Modular kitchen in chennai, Maraimalai Nagar
2. Anna Nagar, Chennai - Service on Modular kitchen in chennai, Anna Nagar
3. Koyambedu, Chennai - Service on Modular kitchen in chennai, koyambedu

Justdial Clients reviews about M/S. Konkraft Enterprises™ located at Maraimalai Nagar, Anna Nagar & Koyambedu.

References: Justdial clients reviews about M/S. Konkraft Enterprises™ at Koyambedu

Mr Gugansc.c*****@gmail.com | 98*****8091 Week Ago
Very Good

Sumathi95*****7431 Month Ago

Devaraj82*****1593 Months Ago

Jananvaj*****@gmail.com | 86*****5464 Months Ago

Boobalan72*****8835 Months Ago

Sowmiyacute*****@gmail.com | 87*****2825 Months Ago

Sundar81*****1657 Months Ago

Krishna95*****3668 Months Ago

Mr Shiva90*****60213 Months Ago
Very Good

Ms Poojavpoo*****@gmail.com | 98*****99413 Months Ago

References: Justdial clients reviews about M/S. Konkraft Enterprises™ at Maraimalai Nagar

Kumar95*****36618 Months Ago

Mr Muruganmuru****
muru*****@yahoo.co.in | 99*****950

References: Justdial clients reviews about M/S. Konkraft Enterprises™ at Anna Nagar

Thippu Sultanthip*****@gmail.com | 76*****16830 Months Ago
Their works are excellent. They are young team. They started the work on the specified date and completed it before two days than what they specified. I am thankful to them for doing it in low budget with usage of good materials. They suggested the designs at the other end. They have cool concepts and excellent works.

Vickyvick*****@gmail.com | 97*****04331 Months Ago
Completed the job on time was flexible to Me. All are educated graduates. Was good to co ordinate with them. They start to mingle one among a member in my family. Gave advice for changing the design to look good. Now it looks great!! I am satisfied with their work.

Johnson Mathewjohn*****@gmail.com | 96*****21132 Months Ago
Highly excellent work.

Maheshmahe*****@gmail.com | 97*****03732 Months Ago
Excellent co-ordination work with disciplined timing by their team members. done their job well at my office. My best regard goes to them.

Sumathisuma*****@gmail.com | 87*****2823 Months Ago

Mr Vicky91*****60311 Months Ago
Very Good

Mr Vijayamurthy99*****43715 Months Ago

Mr Karthik98*****62316 Months Ago

Mr Harshita99*****21717 Months Ago
Very Good

Ms Payal99*****30017 Months Ago
Very Good

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