Overview of Gas Safety Devices

In today’s world people are very conscious about safety that may be anything like health, medication, accidents, home safety and many more. Before buying a product they first check the safety measures.

But there are some people who are yet not aware with the safety and security of their self as well as their homes. We always take the usage of gas cylinders at home for granted and not aware how dangerous it can be. Well, it is fact everyone has gas stove, cylinder and gas regulator in their homes for cooking food.

Also, everyone knows that LPG gas cylinder is one of the dangerous stuff. While making food the work of regulator remains a lot since it transfers the gas from cylinder to gas burner.

When gas does not burn properly, or is used in an area without adequate ventilation, it produces excess carbon monoxide (CO) – a colorless, odorless gas. This can happen regardless of the type of gas being burned, whether from bottles or from a mains supply.

There is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • if there is inadequate ventilation in the room where the appliance is located
  • if the flue or chimney is blocked and cannot vent the system properly
  • if the appliance has not been regularly maintained by a competent person
  • How does a Gas Safety Device differ from a regulator????

A Gas safety device will check assesses the basic safety of gas appliances in our home to ensure they are all working correctly and safely. Gas safety device automatically shuts off the supply of gas supply from the cylinder when the cracking of the tube or pulling of the regulator is unsuccessful to function properly.

Gas regulators regulate the pressure at which the LPG is delivered to the gas appliances, from the gas bottles-cylinders. Regulator is used to reduce elevated gas supply pressures to safe operating pressures as required by appliances.

Konkraft ‘s auto cut off Gas safety device is the best innovative gas safety product which will shut off the flow of gas in major leaks.

Some of its benefits are:

Controls excess gas flow
Advance lock system of valves
Automatic shut off of valves
Save gas from leakage.
Getting all your gas appliances safety checked every year will keep you and your family safe. The main features of Gas safety device is auto shut-off facility on higher leakage, there is minor leakage testing facility, easy installation and the main feature of Gas safe device is it save the gas up to 20%.

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